Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mother's Day Wishes To Thomas Beatie -- The Pregnant Man

Now that Mother's Day is coming close, I was looking for some mother's day ideas, while I landed on something that's really unbelievable. Believe it or not it's a fact, although I'm bit confused about it. Yes! I'm talking about Thomas Beatie – the pregnant man.

”Impossible is nothing”. Yes, not only for the brand but this phrase is suitable for anything in the existing world -- just anything. Thomas Beatie is proof enough of this. As most of us know, yes! He is the pregnant man. Spanning back to Beatie's past life, it says that he is a transgender male who changed his sex, ten years before. Back then, he removed his breasts, but retained his uterus and ovaries. After a mutual decision of having a baby with his partner, he went for testosterone injections and got pregnant. He went through a lot of difficulty, while getting treated by the obstetrician. Obstetricians often feel uncomfortable with pregnant men.

Presently, he is 22 weeks pregnant. He voiced his opinion in The Advocate, saying that having a child is not just a woman's desire or a man's desire, but a human desire. Kool! No one can object on that Beatie.

Beatie reminds me of the movie “Junior”. Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger as Alex Hesse? Thomas Beatie also reminds me of the movie's tagline - ”Nothing is inconceivable”. Congratulations Beatie for this little miracle!

Some are calling it an April Fools Day pranks, as the news arrived before the media just before the April Fools Day. I am quite confused, what it actually is. Whatever it might be, here's wishing the mother-to-be man, Thomas Beatie, a very Happy Mother's Day.

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