Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mother's Day - Gifts For Leo Moms!

The Leo Moms feel elated and joyous when presented with something like sunflower blossoms - the sunflowers define the Leo mothers completely. And if she is presented with a card made by our own hands, it will be like icing on cake!

A Leo Mom deserves to be treated like the royal she is, so tickets to a concert, an exclusive gym membership or dinner in the most sought out place in town is sure to gladden her.

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1 comment:

misshotstuff said...

Hi Gerry,
Thanks for posting a comment at my cooking blog! I was advertising Mother's Day gifts at my Tupperware site

I am going to forward this blog to my husband and kids as you seem to have a firm grasp on what a LEO mom like me wants.

I LOVE your profile item that says you hate dishonesty, hypocrisy and rudeness...I seriously hate those things too, and I feel like I deal with them every day. I'm surprised and pleased you listed rudeness, because that is one of my pet peeves and it seems like more and more people are rude these days.

Well, thanks again for your link and I will pass it on to my friends as well.