Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mother's Day - Gifts for Scorpion Moms!

As Scorpio mom's have an individualistic attitude, their taste invariably goes towards loving plant life. So, different varieties of flower, medicinal and herbal plants can be gifted to her.

Greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and other such gifts make the day more memorable and add joy to the occasion. Jewelry is also another good option for gifts along with a dinner at a fancy restaurant.

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Gina said...

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for your kind comment on "Gina's Tidbits",

Just replied to your comment of April 5th, on my blogsite.

As mentioned, I am not computer savy; and, have been learning in tids of bits, or through bits by tids. LOL!

Love your cards, others'comments, words and quotes of wisdom; AND that video clip with Diane Keaton, dated Feb 27 / 07. Look forward to watching that funny movie!

Am trying to add / link you in to my blogsite; however, I believe I need your url address? Then, when others link into my blogsite, they can access yours quite readily.

Here is wishing you a Happy Good Friday, a wonderful Easter; and many thanks again.

God Bless.


Gina said...


My daughter is a "Scorpion Mom"; as is my husband's Mum; and my Mum, when she was alive.

Amanda said...

i love this pic my mom is the best and this says everything that my mom is......if i could say anything to my mom on mothers day it would be that

Amanda said...

i love my mom so much and if i could say anything to her on mothers day it would be that