Friday, April 27, 2007

Mother's day Gifts For Single Mom's

While these gifts are wonderful there is much more that your can do for your mother this mothers day which will mean a great deal to her now and in the future as well.

We must remember that many mothers are single mothers, and most fathers of their children, will not assist their children in selecting a gift for their moms. If your child is not old enough to be in school or you do not have a relative to see that a gift is given, then you may just be lacking on Mother's Day. This should never happen to any mother, but there are ways in which you can make your day very special.

If you are a single mother, you may find that when you are off work your time is consumed with cleaning, laundry and readying the children for the rest of the week. On Mother's Day, arrange to keep the day set aside for special events and time with your children.

One way you can celebrate Mother's Day is by going to dinner with your children at a restaurant. This may be very special and unusual for you and your children as well as many go to fast food restaurants when they do go out to eat. Talk about Mother's Day to your children so that they have a good understanding of what the celebration is all about. Make it a fun and special time for all of you. As your children get older they will remember this special and quality time you have had together on this special day of the year. As a result, they will begin to make sure you have a gift from them on Mother's Day whether it is a gift they have made or purchased.

Be sure to bring the camera along as you will want to take pictures of your children. Get waiter or waitress to take pictures of you and your children together. These pictures can be framed or put in a photo album or scrapbook. Mothers never can get enough pictures of their children.

If you do not wish to go out, you can plan a special night at home with your children. Rent some videos, and pop some popcorn. Order some pizza in and sit back put your feet up and enjoy time together.

If you know a single mom and you are a friend of family member you may help her children make her day special. There are many low cost or even free things which can be given as gifts. A simple imprint of a child's hands is always a very special and an appreciated gift to a mother. This is a gift she will treasure over the years.
>Flowers are a simple gift and you can find them for as little as two dollars at local department stores. A single flower or two will do well. If you have the time, you can help the children plant a flower in a container for their mothers. They will love to see it grow and will be very proud to present it on Mother's Day.

You can use baby food jars to make special Mother's Day gifts. By putting a bit of clay on the inside of a baby food jar lid and then sticking a small artificial flower in it, you have the beginnings of a special paper weight. Fill the baby food jar up with water and put the top back on it. Be sure the top is tight then turn it over and set it on its top. You now have a flower enclosed in a glass paper weight which the child can give their mothers.

Help the children make a simple coupon book which their mother can redeem as she wishes. You may let the children come up with some of their own idea for coupons. Some examples would be, fixing breakfast for her in bed, setting the table, washing the dishes, feeding the dog and making the beds to name a few. You can make your coupons on your computer, or you can simply cut coupon shaped pieces of paper and write what each coupon is worth in handwriting.

If the children are old enough they may enjoy making their mother jewelry. All you will need are some beads, a needle, and necklace string from your local craft store. Let the children be creative and choose the beads and placement themselves. This will make their necklace special and uniquely their own. This is another gift that any mother will treasure.

Remember Mothers Day gifts should be a gift from the heart and simple inexpensive gifts from their children mean the world to mothers.

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How You Do It All On Your Own...
Express how amazing you find to see her handle everything so easily with this beautiful ecard.
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For All The Love... With this special and warm ecard say 'Love You' to your mom or someone dear on Mother's Day.
For All The Love...
With this special and warm ecard say 'Love You' to your mom or someone dear on Mother's Day.
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