Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mother's Day - Customs and Traditions

Mothers' day is a day celebrated to honor and give tribute to our dear mothers, who shower their endless love on us and expect nothing in return. A mother's only wish in life is her child's happiness. Mothers' day celebration is a western world concept that is spreading its influence on other nations too. But every nation has its own peculiar way of commemorating this special day of mothers.

As a part of mother's day customs in America, children call up their mother and wish her happy mothers day. They present their mom with wonderful mothers day gifts baskets. Earlier this day used to primarily focus on mothers, but now the celebration is dedicated to all women, then be it mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters etc. Most of the families plan out a nice getaway trip on this day.People generally send cards and flowers to their moms, grandmas, stepmoms, godmothers, surrogate mothers, sisters, daughters, in-laws, wife, friends who’re mothers, to the mom-to-be’s and many more to wish them a “Happy Mother’s Day”. Statistics show that the florists record stupendous rise in their trade-graph on the occasion of Mother’s Day and the cards-sale skyrocket incredibly to meet the emotional demands of the mother-child relationship. Most surveys conducted so far, have given this result that the mothers, indeed, look forward to receiving at least a card or two every year on Mother’s Day. A mom simply loves to hear the sweet ‘I Love You’ from her children; she longs for that warm heartfelt greeting on Mother’s Day. For, it’s not just A card to her, it’s THE card which helps her know how much she’s been remembered and appreciated on her special day.

Quite commonly, the MOM is given a day off from all her daily chores on Mother’s Day—be it indoors or out. This is a day when every mom should just relax and get thoroughly pampered. Right from bringing her breakfast to bed, loading her with gifts and greetings, to taking her to dine at her favorite food joint—the mom or the mom-figure gets the centre-stage on Mother’s Day and enjoys all the love and affection of those whom she’s nurtured so long with her endless care and protection.

Now there’s this one common custom or convention to Mother’s Day observances—preparing a cake for mom. This cake has long been associated with the Mother’s Day celebrations and today, many children make it a point to bake a sweet cake for their mamma dear on Mother’s Day. Apart from that, writing letters to mom is yet another common practice for Mother’s Day, especially for people who stay in a different state or country and can’t meet their mothers quite often.

Far or near, young or old, single or married, working or at-home, modern or retro—make each mother on this planet feel warm all over in all your love and wishes on Mother's Day. The spotlights are on her on Mother’s Day ! And, of course, she deserves it. So give her the joys that she brought to you through all your growing years on Mother’s Day. So take this chance and wish your dear Mom a Happy Mothers Day

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