Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mother's Day - A Tribute to the Most Important Woman of your Life

A mother’s important to us everyday, of course, but Mother’s Day is to make HER feel important ! And, if you hold that Mother’s Day is just meant for your mamma, you’re laboring under a delusion. For, Mother’s Day is not just about mothers or the mom-to-be’s, you can also make your grandma or aunt or sis or any motherly person feel just as special on this day of the year.
When it comes to this one single day specially designed for mothers, the Mother’s Day, you have greater reasons to make them feel loved and cared for. Usually celebrated on the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is on May 13th this year. But generally speaking, Mother’s Day is to make all the wonderful moms of the world feel right on top of the world and Mother’s Day gives every child a chance to say “I love you, Mom”.

No matter what the distance, Mother’s Day is sure to bring each soul closer to their Mammas or Mommies in every possible way. Sending cards, flowers, gifts on Mother’s Day is a very common practice every year. And if you can’t catch someone over the phone on Mother’s Day, don’t start cursing the operators or take it out on your poor defenseless telephone set. Get this straight—the telephone lines ARE supposed to stay jammed for the most part on Mother’s Day (courtesy: the innumerable sons’ and daughters’ sudden need to make their mom’s feel special, and that too, for hours). But as long as the Moms are happy, everything’s worth it !

Then again, if you’re planning to treat your buddies or your sweetheart to dinner on May 14, you’re all set to regret ! If not drop the idea, prepare yourself to stand in a long queue. Come on, it’s not just ANY day friend, it’s Mother’s Day !

Everyone looks forward to doing something over-the-top for his/ her mom on Mother’s Day. And as long as they can get that smile and glow on their moms’ faces, the day’s done. And well…if not on Mother’s Day, then when ? So do your bit to make your ‘mom sweet mom’ feel just GREAT on May 14. Love her, pamper her, spend time with her and let her have her day ! And wherever you are, don’t forget to wish her with a sweet and warm “Happy Mother’s Day” !

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