Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mother's Day - Mom-To-Be!

It is often said that the experience of being a Mother, is simply indescribable! This is something that I have also seen my sis, Joan experience. Her mood swings were simply terrible at times... but the far away look in her eyes when she was planning ahead for the baby is something not to be missed.

It is always a great feeling to know that there's a baby coming in the family. And nothing compares to the joy and anticipation that fills the heart of the parents. The would-be-mom is the center of attention for the coming months. Her every wish is almost a command for the family members. It is such an instinctive feeling to be happy when you come to know of the 'stork paying a visit', even if its not your own. But along with the feeling of joy, is also a fear of the unknown – the anxiety and fear that usually accompanies childbirth! I remember my sister saying that, it's such a mixed feeling about the new baby that's on the way. Some days, you might be really excited about it and on some you can be really down thinking about all things that could possibly go wrong.

But, I guess it's a tad difficult for guys to really understand what any woman goes through! All we can do is pray that the women in our lives have a safe and happy pregnancy – filled with lots of fun, laughter and excitement for the new arrival!

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